AFCI University

Today's film commissioners play many roles including producer, director, photographer, writer, and publicist. They are called upon to market their jurisdictions, prove the value of their industry through economic reporting, and manage financial incentive programs all while juggling the demands of production in an increasingly high-tech, fast-moving world.

The AFCI is committed to providing film commission staff members with the educational tools they need to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. We have developed a three-tiered education program that provides valuable information and training opportunities tailored to interest everyone from industry newbie to seasoned veteran. Professionals who need a basic overview of film commission work will benefit from Film Commission Fundamentals, an online orientation class, while others may require the targeted training found in the Master Classes or choose to enroll in the Certified Film Commissioner Program.

The production industry has come to expect that an AFCI Member Film Commission will possess a high level of competence and expertise. In response, the AFCI is committed to providing educational opportunities for its members that will continue this tradition of excellence.