Dominican Republic Film Commission

Cayetano Rodriguez #154, Gascue
10205 Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
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As the leading economy in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers an ideal environment for foreign producers to take advantage of a well-established industry for productions.

We boast a wide variety of landscapes within a short proximity to suit any type of production. From towering mountain ranges and rivers, to valleys and deserts, we also have impressive waterfalls, lush rainforests, and stunning beaches. Our cities also combine different architectural styles to suit any time period. In addition, we offer state of the art studio facilities including a 65,500 sq. ft. exterior water tank, as well as a complete database of certified crew & technicians. Landscape diversity and high quality production services combined with the Incentives we offer, make the Dominican Republic the ideal place for your next production.
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Alexandra Guerrero

Head of Registry SIRECINE

Jennifer Lara

Head of Planning and Development

Yvette Marichal

Film Commissioner