Jeonju Film Commission

560-510 Jeonju-si Jeonbuk
South Korea
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Production Support
Jeonju has been a great city for filmmaking since the 1950s when it was used as a location site for well-known historical films such as Pia Village (Piagol, Dir. Lee Kang-chun, 1955) and Princess Sunhwa (Sunhwa Gongju, Choi Sung-gwan, 1957). In the 21st Century, Jeonju has reappeared as a film-centric city with the successful launch of the International Jeonju Film Festival and Jeonju Film Commission (JJFC). JJFC and its surrounding rich, natural and human resources invites film projects of all sizes. Jeonju Film Commission’s support helps boost the city’s local economy by way of recruiting projects and networking them to a collective of services and well-trained staff. Today the city of Jeonju is a competitive content creator in the cultural and visual industries of the future.

Jeonju Film Commission provides a dynamic one-stop shop for all services concerning a host of film, music video, television drama and commercial projects. Our staff will help you procure needed equipment and any extras for your projects. We provide detailed location information and scouting reports as well as assistance with obtaining the necessary filming permits. Our aim is to facilitate cooperation between all the local and regional government agencies you need to interact with during your project. Jeonju Film Commission contributes to the development of our global film industry by networking with domestic and international film commissions and sharing the most up-to date information. JJFC is located in Jeonju, the central Korean city in Jeonbuk province. We are proud to present the beauty of Jeonju’s natural resources to filmmakers from all over the world.
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byoung gak jeong

Diretor of Jeonju Film Commission