Quebec Film & Television Council

204 Saint-Sacrement Street, Suite 500
Montreal, QC H2Y 1W8
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The Québec Film and Television Council (QFTC) has been commissioned to promote Québec - Canada’s largest province - that has long offered filmmakers a creative and inexpensive backdrop for their productions. Québec’s European background endow it with unique settings that can easily cheat for Paris, London, Moscow, Vienna and so much more. Québec also boasts Canada’s largest studio facilities, has state-of-the-art CGI facilities, an experienced crew base and unprecedented cash rebates.

The QFTC’s goal is to work closely with international producers to ensure that they benefit from all that Québec has to offer. The QFTC also provides a full range of free services tailored to the individual needs of each production:
- Professional script breakdowns, preliminary photo packages and location scouting;
- Coordination of visits with regional film offices for thorough location searches;
- Access to our digital location library;
- Information on producers, crew, studios and labs, CGI houses and key contacts in finance, associations and unions;
- Coordination with all levels of government – provincial, federal, regional and municipal.

For additional information, do not hesitate contacting us at 1 866 320-3456 (FILM) Toll-free or by E-mail or simply by visiting our Web site
+1 (514) 499-7070
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Ariane Dagenais-Plante

Coordinator, Production Services

Anne Fossier

Executive Assistant

Pierre Moreau


Chanelle Routhier

National Commissioner