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Screen Flanders is your first stop for audiovisual activities in the Flanders region, providing information and services via its film commission and financial support through its economic fund.
The Screen Flanders film commission provides information on all aspects of production within the Flanders region: locations, incentives, local crew and audiovisual facilities.
In cooperation with local partners, Screen Flanders will take care of your shooting permits, assist you with location scouting, introduce you to local partners, coordinate contacts between the different city or regional departments and offer logistic support where possible. 

Via the Screen Flanders fund, Belgian producers can apply to receive up to 400,000 euros refundable advances by way of economic support to cover their audiovisual expenses in the Flanders Region. 
Foreign producers interested in applying for the fund can coproduce with a Belgian producer that satisfies all the selection criteria. 
Check the Screen Flanders website for the full set of rules and regulations and the next application deadline.

Screen Flanders is powered by Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).
Screen Flanders
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Katrien Maes

Film Commissioner

Jan Roekens

Head of Production