Tokyo Location Box

346-6 Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
162-0801 Tokyo

About Tokyo Location Box
The Tokyo Location Box - "TLB" was established in April, 2001 as part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
It provides services to ensure safe and trouble-free filming experience in Tokyo with the cooperation of local governments, private companies, local communities, TV / film industry and its related industries. With a view to tourism promotion, industrial development and regional vitalization, doing whatever we can support you to make a film to be long remembered and conveying the fascination of Tokyo to viewers at home and abroad is our mission.

What can we film in Tokyo?
A collaborative project with Tokyo Metropolitan Government and past winners from Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia can offer you good overview of Tokyo. As three short films illustrate, in terms of locations, you will get anything from world known skyscrapers, one and only historical site to the great nature. All films are available from the link below.

Tokyo Short Film Project.”
※The Subtitles can be chosen from 9 different languages. Each film will be 12-14minutes.

Please contact us about any filming related matter in Tokyo.
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Tomomi Shigematsu