Yukon Media Development

P.O. Box 2703 (F3)
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2C6
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It’s time to start thinking “Yukon” when you consider locations for your next production. The film and video companies that have come to the Yukon discovered a place where locations have transcended their imaginations. A place where nature works on a larger scale, where vast icefields reproduce Antarctica and living towns look like sets.

The Yukon is adaptable, diverse and full of character. Add to this the fact that we are accessible, with daily air service from Vancouver, and an extensive system of roads and highways that will take you to unbelievable landscapes and eclectic towns. So if you’re looking for something special, start looking at the Yukon. And you, too, can discover this picture perfect land.

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Iris Merritt
Manager, Media Development

Iris Merritt

Manager, Media Development

Andrew Seymour

A/Media Officer