AFCI Membership Profile Survey

AFCI Membership Profile Survey

In 2015 we re-launched our annual AFCI Membership Profile Survey after a three year hiatus as a response to the many inquiries we received from members interested in film commission comparison data.

Additionally, the information collected allows AFCI to get a snapshot of what processes, methods & procedures, and what focus members have in place in their respective markets.
The data from the survey grants AFCI the opportunity to improve the services and benefits that best suit our AFCI Members' specific needs.

2015 Survey Overview

More than 125 Film Commissions from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and North America participated in the 2015 Membership Profile Survey, we've compartmentalized the survey to 5 subsets as follows:

  1. Worldwide Film Offices  
  2. Worldwide Film Offices by City
  3. US Film Commissions 
  4. US Film Offices by State 
  5. US Film Commissions by City  

** AFCI Members must sign into AFCI website using their email and password to access complete survey results **

2015 Membership Profile Survey Results

AFCI 2015 Membership Profile Survey Results 


  • For the purpose of confidentiality, all film commission names and specific locations associated with their offices have been removed from the survey results.
  • Typed responses to survey questions #28, #29 and #31 are not published in order to keep film offices and their responses anonymous.