AFCI Member Spotlight: Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein & the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission

A Conversation About Film Funding & Incentives for the Golden Globe Award Nominated Film, Toni Erdmann

The top of the New Year traditionally marks the beginning of the Hollywood award season. The best of the best in film and television are honored for their contributions over the past year.  Behind the glitz and glamor, red carpets and celebrities, Film Commissions in part have contributed to the final product of adulation of an array of TV series or feature films nominated to take home the top prize.

From film funding and incentives, Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) Members contribute significant amounts of resources to global productions. Ahead of the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards (January 8, 2017), AFCI conducted a brief interview with German film commissions, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (c/o Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Gmbh) to discuss their involvement with the film, Toni Erdmann, nominated for the Golden Globe’s Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language Category.

What specific resources did your film office provide to the Toni Erdmann production?

[Filmförderung] Our office provided funding consultation to the film.

[Medienboard Berlin] Financial and Public Relations support.

Did the film receive any film funds, grants or any other type incentives?

[Filmförderung] Yes, the Toni Erdman production received film funds from our office in the amount of € 100.000 in production support and € 30.000 in distribution support.

[Medienboard Berlin] The "Erdmann" project received a total of € 335.000 of funding by the Medienboard for their production, distribution and the Cannes festival presentation. Since it's world premiere in the Cannes competition, "Toni Erdmann" has also received huge PR support by the Medienboard's press office when we e.g. celebrated each award the film won (5 European Film Awards amongst many others) and the overwhelming German box office success on our Social Media channels.

Has your film office conducted any local screenings in support of the film locally?

[Filmförderung] Yes, we have hosted screenings.

[Medienboard Berlin] We’ve promoted the film within the region of Berlin and Brandenburg, nationally, and internationally.

Have there been any other films from your region in the past that have been considered or nominated for a Golden Globe Award?

[Filmförderung] None that we can recall, however the Danish-German co-production, Land of Mine that has been funded and shot in our region is on the Oscar’s short list for Best Foreign Language Film.

[Medienboard Berlin] Past Golden Globe nominees & winners from the Berlin-Brandenburg region include "Amour" and "The White Ribbon" by Michael Haneke, "Inglorious Bastards" by Quentin Tarantino (the award went to actor Christoph Waltz) and "Bridge of Spies" which was nominated last year, but didn't win. They've all received Medienboard-funding.

What significance would a Golden Globe Nomination or Win mean for your film office and region?

[Filmförderung] It would be a prestigious credit for our regional film fund and production community.

[Medienboard Berlin] As one of the most prestigious film awards in the world, a Golden Globe for "Toni Erdmann" would be a great honor for the German capital region and a seal for the high quality of film production in our region.

Following the announcement that your country has a film represented in the foreign-language category, why should international film producers consider making their next film in your market?

[Filmförderung] Germany has a great infrastructure for film production and an array of locations – from historic castles, ultra modern urban spaces, sandy beaches and snowy mountains. Germany provides around € 300 Million in film funding annually and the national funds can be combined with regional funds like ours. Lastly, we recognize and support original talent and good stories.

[Medienboard Berlin] Berlin-Brandenburg has got great talent for film making: from directors, producers, and actors to props and craftsmen specialized on film - multi-lingual and internationally experienced. Plus the range of shooting locations seems limitless from primeval forests, castles and lakes to and a capital full of historical buildings as well as modern urban architecture. We have world-class crews, and state-of-the-art studios and postproduction facilities. And not to forget the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (bbfc) that is looking forward to enable any dream a film maker has!

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein supports cinema films and exceptional TV productions of all genres. It provides financial support for all phases of film projects, from the first script drafts through production to sales, distribution and festival presentations. To learn more about Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, visit

The Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (BBFC) is the first stop for film teams that want to work in the capital region. The commission can provide the right agency contacts for film-permit applications, information on film-permitting procedures, and advice on film-location issues. Medienboard is Berlin-Brandenburg's regional film fund and financially supports films and high-end drama series in their development, production, and/or distribution process. Medienboard also promotes film & media within the Berlin Brandenburg region, nationally and internationally. To learn more about BBFC and Medienboard visit

The 74th Annual Golden Globe air Sunday, January 8, to see the 2017 Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language Nominees and past winners visit their website