Why Work With A Commission

Photo courtesy of: Utah Film Commission

AFCI Member Film Commissions help to facilitate on-location filmmaking within a region by offering production companies a complete range of pre-production services through a central contact point. Our members provide accurate and timely information regarding local film procedures, permits, and guidelines. They also serve as a liaison between governmental departments and agencies, facilitating connections with local communities and arrangements for filming on public property. The film commission also serves as a general resource and clearinghouse for information throughout the region and assist with the following services: site location photography, location library, regional scouting services, liaison with government departments/agencies, and logistical information regarding crew, talent, facilities, stages, equipment, and support services.

Furthermore, the objectives of AFCI Member Film Commissions are:

  • To aid the continued improvement in the efficiency and value of film commissions through non-profit research and education activities.
  • To promote and further the interests of film commissions by increasing their usefulness to the film, television, video, and other related industries; the media, and the public.
  • To collect and disseminate information and ideas affecting film commissioners, location filming, and the industry at large among members and other interested parties.
  • To interface with government on matters affecting the industry and support film commissions within government.
  • To advocate professional and ethical conduct within the industry.
  • To foster social responsibility of film commissions and industry leaders through education and advocacy.
  • To promote cooperative relations among all film commissions and seek such cooperation as will promote the highest standards of service.